Rambunctious social club

Mexican Ball 2014

AAARRRRIIIBBBBA! It’s a Phoenix TAKEOVER!! The highly acclaimed Rambunctious Mexican 

Ball splashes its colours on Exeter. Now in it’s 5th year.

A dizzying spectacle of DJ dancefloor mayhem, live bands and Mexican magic will take over the whole of Exeter Phoenix downstairs.
A very special chance for YOU to dress up and celebrate with the dead in a creatively curious mix of lavish set-design, immersive, interactive experience as well as a dynamic performance.

The Midnight carnival procession/Pinata bashing/Skull face painting/Performance/Mariachi Mashup, Chichiaucuahco – toys on turntables/Le Lucha Libre recortes, Calle de Muertos…VIVA LOS MUERTOS AMIGOS!!!


Harking back to the big band sound of 1960s Latin America via the back streets of New Orleans, the infectious, maverick and irresistibly swinging street music of Voodoo Love Orchestra will have the crowd baying for more. This is more an invasion than a performance, with a euphoric riot of musicians weaving in and out of the throng, overseen by a megaphone-wielding High Priestess invoking the spirits of celebration.

Delving deep into the heart of the tropics, this globe-trotting ensemble straddles a whole range of pan-Atlantic sounds: Colombian Cumbia, Cuban Comparsa, New Orleans Jazz, Mississippi Blues, Nigerian Afrobeat, Jamaican Ska and Ghanaian Highlife. The musical melange of relentlessly syncopated beats and squealing trumpets is an abundantly joyous salute to the roots of carnival, with a line up of sousaphone, trombone, trumpet, baritone sax, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, vocals, military drumcorps and latin percussion.



Born unexpected, in a night with full moon, under a strange sign.
A dancing Creole mother and a Sakalava father with big ears gave life to a funny pair of twins, between some palmtrees and a gramophone…

The parents called the girl Kick and the boy Snare.
Their first word was: ”beat”.
and their first wonder: ”mama what is head-nodding?”

So, the Kick and the Snare had the dream to travel the world and collect traditional recordings. So they did.
From Peruvian and Colombian mountains to the neighbourhoods of New Orleans and Harlem. And from Jamaican and Brazilian coasts to the rivers of Nigeria and Angola.
But that was not enough for them. They also travelled in time. From the early 1930′s Swing era to the late 1970′s Hip Hop and from the 1960′s Chicha, Funk and Reggae to 1990′s D’n'B.


The Rambunctious social club’s – DJ HODGUEZ AND DJ GRIFF – Your head honcho hosts and dextrous friendly Dj’s. 

Lee Hodges(Hodguez) is the creator of the Mexican Night of the Dead Ball and Mexican obsessive, Hod’guez will be saddling up and busting through the doors with a magic mash of Maricahi hop, Nortec, Mexican ska and smokin’ cumbia to blast you toward midnight! South American aficionado and groove guru DJ Griff will be girating the dead in an ancestral frenzy….expect a salavating, SPICY sizzle of LATIN jive and BONE breaking boogie….

MEXICAN NIGHT OF THE DEAD RADIO SHOW – 24TH OCTOBER!  Soundart radio – 8pm – 10pm.

Mexican Night of the dead Radio show 2014 by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

Mexican Night of the Dead Ball 2013 from Lee Hodges on Vimeo.

Rambunctious Radio – Mexican day of the dead special by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

Hodguez 0n Mixcloud 

Enjoy a creative world where art and life dream together. The Clockwork Moth’s specialities include shadow-puppetry, sculpture, workshops, the written word, and installation. Expect something mysteries and magical to happen in the hands of the Clockwork Moths….




And introducing -

Alfie, an iconic London Taxi who has been converted into a vintage taxi photo booth for use at festivals, parties, events and weddings all over Britain.



A funky community samba band based in beautiful Devon. Established in 2001, Crooked Tempo has been delighting audiences around the South West with their repertoire of traditional Brazilian carnival percussion.




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