Rambunctious social club



8pm – 12am THE BARRELHOUSE BALLROOM, 59A High Street. Totnes.

Come in from the cold and cosy up with The Rambunctious social club’s Winter woodshed warmer!
The woods are dark, the crunch of snow underfoot leads you into a clearing where you can hear a steady chop…a thud…a bang….no, a beat! It’s there! Emanating a warm glow of flashing lights around a the licks of a crackling fire bassline, the jaunt of gypsy horns, the warming swigs of electrical swing, the batterings of latin….it’s the WOODSHED DISCO! Your beat chopping host honchos Hodguez and Griff welcome you in to a wondrous world of seasonal surprises, creatively curious contraptions and special guests….welcome the festive season in with style with the magic of the Rambunctious social club.

£6 on the door. Tickets are a;ready selling f.a.s.t.!!!


Rambunctious brings you a more intimate gig after the magic of the Mexican Ball. Head honchos Hodguez and Griff bring you a tantalsing dose of artful play and leftfield jive down at one of our favourite haunts – The Bike shed theatre. Cosy up with some carefree creative curious play!

Door – £3.

The Bike Shed Theatre
Nestled at the end of an alley in the heart of Exeter, you’ll find the Bike Shed Theatre. With a 60 seat subterranean auditorium and adjacent vintage cocktail tavern, the venue has performances nearly every night of the year. Championing new work and innovation, the theatre has gained national acclaim for its shows, winning a Peter Brook Empty Space award in 2011.

Meanwhile, the bar serves award winning cocktails, local ale, cider and juices and a carefully selected wine list. Add live music on Fridays and DJs on Saturdays and The Bike Shed Theatre & Bar is Exeter’s hottest cultural night-spot. BIKE SHED EVENT


The Mexican Night of the Dead Radio show

Rambunctious Radio and Soundartradio present A journey into Dia de los Muertos and the sounds of Mexico! Celebrating the forthcoming 3rd Rambunctious Mexican Ball at the Exeter Phoenix on NOV 1st. A magical mix of Magic and musical mayhem and erm…recipies! The Mexican ball enthuses our love of Latin and contemporary latin music – espicially Mexican! Dj – ing ranging from traditional latin styles such as Cumbia to the far reaches of modern Nortec and modern interpretations and remixes of Mariachi and Mexican mash-up – The Mexican institute of sound, Kinky, Nortec Collective, Bostich and Fussible, Los de Abajo, Calexico, Mexican dubwiser…and why not some Ennio Morricone!


Mexican Night of the Dead radio show 2013 by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

New Radio show is up!

Rambunctious Radio – Aug 16th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE – 7th September

There is a Rambunctious Rumble in the Jungle! A GIG IN A GLASSHOUSE!

Rambunctious is teaming up with Staverton Bridge nursery for an extra special night of swing style safari, sumptuous set design and interactive play….!

Dr. Rambunctious I presume? Join Griff and Hod’guez for a simmering set of tropical thunder and swing style magic! This is atruly unique setting down in the Staverton glasshouse, amongst the vegetation and lovely ambience this space offers, but we expecting to rumble through to 1am! Fancy dress is imperative of course, so we are going with the theme – ‘Swing safari!’ ,make what you will of that of course! Tickets are available at the nursery and online(see below).

Tickets £8.

LIMITED PARKING(20 or so cars)

Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9

Directions - A384 to Totnes, turn left at Huxham’s Cross, signed to Staverton. Left after about 300 yards.


Rambunctious Radio – August 16th

A brand new LIVE Rambunctious radio tonight, after a brief break due to a stork delivering a delightful load! Tonight’s show will be jam packed with some great new music(and your truly) – The Bas Lexter Emsemble with some latin licks, new latin fusion from the amazing Ovni Guarajé, Stonkin’ Electro swing from Smokey Joe and the kid, Reggae from Taggy Matcher, some studio one ska and much more….2 hours of Friday night groove from 8pm – 10pm. www.soundartradio.org.uk. 102.5 fm.


Viva Rambunctious!

The south west’s favourite club/arts night brings you a blistering bash of rebel toons and raucous rambunctious revolt!
Overthrow your senses with an assault of artful play and a rebellious rhythms – resistance is futile!
Bringing your that unique blend of Rambunctious magic are your hosts -
DJ HODGUEZ – Cornish/Mexican revolutionary, renowned for sizzling sets of Nortec, Mariachi hop, chillied chop Cumbia and super fiery electro swing!
DJ GRIFF – Cuban/half welsh revolutionary – known for frequently using dynamite in large doses in his sets of wild cumbia, afrobeat, latin breaks and Electro swing!

Clubbing for the creatively curious!
Door 8pm – Tickets £6.


Grizzle up your Groove box…..it’s Rambunctious Radio. New show is airing this Friday again at 8pm.

Rambunctious Radio June 7th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

RADIO SHOW FRIDAY 21st – Midsummer magic! 102.5 fm

RADIO SHOW FRIDAY 21st – Midsummer magic! 102.5 fm or www.soundartradio.org.uk






















A fine Midsummer marvel at the lovely environs of the Bike Shed theatre,   one of the hippest joints in Exeter! We’ll be slapping down a high altitude diet of Andino beats mixed in with a collision of continents and genre bending tunes from far and wide.
Fueled up with a heady does of creative play that’ll climb you to those creative heights….

DJ Hod’guez – Taking you from foothill to dizzying heights. (soundart radio, Rambunctious social club)
DJ Griff – Most definitely our Andean aficionado, swinging you effortlessly across that glorious altiplano!(Jelly Jazz, Rambunctious social club)


£3 on the door.
9pm – 2am

Rambunctious Radio Friday 24th May.

Rambunctious Radio will be airing out on Soundartradio 102.5 on Friday 24th May!
Oscillating mixes of wonky beats, latin, electro swing, reggae and slathers of surprises……


Juice up yer jive, regulate your rhythm stick, slip on your sonic sauce, gyrate your growth of groove girth…it’s Rambunctious Radio! 


Rambunctious Radio April 26th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud