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Ding Dong Swing

For all those  swing lovers out there! Here is a little ‘nu-swing’ mix to tickle your fancy. It’s been compiled with events in mind, be that a festival, party or a wedding. Just lend your ears to something different, darn right cheerful and a little bit cheeky! Mixed by Hod’guez.

Ding Dong Swing by Hod’guez on Mixcloud


The Rambunctious Social club is a creatively curious collision of DJ – ing, sets of visual invention and interaction, accompanied by stunning artwork…It’s immersive and instantly infectious vibe appeals to a broad section of revellers, young and old and occupies a unique position in the Club/arts world. Run by artist Lee Hodges(Hodguez) and Glyn Griffiths(Griff) it is now in it’s seventh year.


Musically Rambunctious manages to pull of a dazzling array of genres from Tropical to Swing, Eastern European to Bluegrass, African to Electro Swing and still manage to retain it’s own utterly unique sound. Coming from the far western wilds of the uk, they are fast becoming festival and club favourites with slots at Bestival, Port Eliot, Tropical Pressure Festival, not to mention a whole host of collaborations with Movimeintos, Cal Jader, Chris Tofu, Gypsy Hill, Palov, Panama Cardoon and Inko to name a few….The Rambunctious calendar culminates in a now legendary Mexican Night of the dead Ball every November.

Alongside the nights is a regular radio show – Rambunctious Radio.


What they have said about Rambunctious - 

The Itinerant West Country night(featuring stunning poster artwork)…” THE GUARDIAN.


“Hailing from Dartmoor, these Moorland rural folk have managed to create one of the best Tropical Mash up events and music this country has probably ever seen, as well as incredible artworks, get ready to party!” – BESTIVAL.

All Artwork is by Lee Hodges for more info – www.leeho.co.uk


Mexican Night of the Dead Ball 2013 from Lee Hodges on Vimeo.

Great little movie from our Carnibal friends – Panama Cardoon and Palov, featuring us and the Rambunctious Mexican Ball…

The Rum Bumper Ball

What a NIGHT! Here some great photos by Cara Griffiths….we had a bumping Ball!



Chris Tofu having fun with the crowd!

Griff and Hodguez!



Cal Jader and Griff!




We are slammin’ the stage this year once again with THE ACE OF CLUBS tent at Port Eliot Festival. We have very special guests joining us too! Watch this space!

Posters up on Pinterest

I’m looking for commisions, so check out the posters on Pinterest, three years of Rambunctiousness. Enjoy! I’m interested in commissions of any shape or form, posters, books, album covers, ad’s…anything goes! Just get in touch with Lee

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Huge thanks to everyone involved on the Ball and everybody who came and joined in the fun and danced with the dead! A fantastic night was had by all! Alejandro and the Magic Tombolinos fired up the crowd and we  whipped the crowds into a frenzy with two DJ sets, the crowds even invaded the stage for last push toward 1am!

The feedback was amazing and it’s lovely to hear that people are seeing that it’s not just about celebrating and having a great night, it’s about remembering our ancestors and loved ones too…and bringing them with us!

I was joined by Clockwork Moth on the Radio show special, which can be listened too below..There are some great sets of photos to look at, some links below.

Photos Photos

Photos from the Circo Carnivale Ball

Photos from the ‘Circo Carnivale ball’ at the Yellow room, Sealhayne.
Featuring the fabulous Zen Hussies, Anima Circus, Clockwork Moths’ lovely shadow theatre, plus the visual spectacle and interactive experience you have come to love about Rambunctious…

Photos courtesy of:
Charlie and Vicky – Clockwork Moth
Plus specially selected photos by Rachael Allain