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Rambunctious Radio

Rambunctious Radio….with music and themed specials. Brought to you by the lovely courtesy of Soundart Radio, Dartington.
Join Lee and now Griff from Rambunctious on a musical meander through a malleable mix of wonky sonicstew….clubbing for the creatively curious. Tune in for a slice of sonic stew….

Soundart Radio needs support! Innovative radio programmes and provide listeners with a real alternative. From beekeeping to live hoovering; from drum n’bass to morris dancing, our programmes reflect the interests and talents of the performers, writers, composers, music producers and journalists who volunteer at the station. The home of Rambunctious Radio – Soundart relies wholly on funding which at the moment is few and far between, any support which can be given to this radio station would be greatly appreciated.




All Rambunctious Radio mixes are available on pages 2011 – 2014.


Intrepid explorers of the golden groove RAMBUNCTIOUS RADIO will take you on a tour through the un-navigated regions of rhythm…..Hoop la!

Rambunctious Radio April 25th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

Rambunctious Radio Jan 17th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

Rambunctious Radio Feb 28th by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

Rambunctious Radio Jan 31st by Hod’guez on Mixcloud

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