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The Rambunctious social club can offer you quite a unique wedding or event experience! Our experience as DJ’s, set designers and event promoters give us a very specialist angle, which from the bottom up starts from providing a fantastic selection of tunes with full PA and DJ, or on to the visual side – use of projectors, designed projections, video and interactive entertainment – such as Cut-outs, turntable theatres. Taking it to the next step we can design your wedding or event, creating an outside or inside space, with sofas, gramophones, furniture and a full marquee.
In short we offer this:

  •   Hot tempo DJ’s
  •   Soundsystem
  •   Film Projectors, (with Live feed if needed)
  •   Interactive entertainment (photobooth, Cut-outs, turntable theatre)
  •   Antique style Set design
  •   Marquee

Please get in touch for a quotes. We do emphasise that we are definitely not ‘cheesy wedding disco’ types, so if you are expecting that kind of music then we are not for you, our aim is to provide good, unusual music that is fun and instantly danceable for all ages, be that swing, funk, latin, Electro swing, Reggae. The mixes below will give you an idea.






Ding Dong Swing by Hod’guez on Mixcloud


The Marquee consists of two large spaces, adjoining they make an L- shape, the pictures below show one half of the Marquee,     the other half is equal in size and shape. Capacity of both Marquess is approximately 200.
So, you find a sunny field and away we go…

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